The joy of creation

Being a tech ed teacher gives me a slightly different perspective on how students spend their day. When surveying my students via Google Forms I ask them about things that I am doing and what I can do better. Teacher evaluations are one thing, but student evaluations are so valuable to me.

One of the themes that consistently emerges from my surveys is that students like that they get to design, build, and test their ideas. When I was a student teacher one of my co-op teachers told me, “always give them something to take home.” There is a certain power to having an idea and actually making it. It feels primal and necessary. (more…)

Developing attractiveness in questing

This post is part of my training in the Rezzly platform and mindset to be used a gamified class.

After going through many of the quests (26 to be exact) and getting a better understanding of gamification and how to use it with Rezzly I have a few thoughts on how I should structure my quests in order to be attractive to students. Below is a list of things that I want to make sure I do when design quests starting with the most important and working my way down to the least important. (more…)

Are Games Better Than Life?

This post is a reaction to the video below as part of a Rezzly quest that I am doing in order to better understand the platform and mindset the teach a gamified class.

I really connected with this video for a number of reasons. I grew up playing video games and I find that my students are increasingly geared towards games. One of my best tools for building a relationship with my students is talking about games with them. Sure it doesn’t hit everyone, but for those that do connect, it builds an instant rapport. Games are fun, and escape, and a way to extend yourself beyond normal human abilities. (more…)

New Years Resolutions: Backup Everything

2015 was an exciting year in my house. My family grew by two (a dog and a baby) and I had a lot of new professional opportunities. As I build and capture memories I realized that I didn’t have a solid backup plan in place. This realization hit me when I was doing some upgrades to my computer.

I do everything my from late 2012 Mac Mini (which is a little beast) and I recently put a SSD into it to help speed it up a bunch more. When I installed my new hard drive I was left thinking about what I could do with the old hard drive. I had two real options:

  1. Use it for Time Machine backups
  2. Use it for file storage (the new hard drive is half the size of the old drive)


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