Basics of the 3 Views

Drafting is a type of communication that engineers and manufactures use in order show how an object goes together or what it looks like. There is a specific way that these drawings are made. In general, there are three basic items show in the drawing: front view, right view, and top view. In the video below I show what each of the views communicates and how they are setup on a page.

3 Basic Types of Drafting Lines

When you begin to learn drafting, you have to learn about the different types of lines. Line types are extremely important because they are used to communicate different ideas about an object. In the video below we review the three basic types of lines that are necessary to understand when you are beginning to learn about drafting.

Three types of lines

Visible or Object Lines

Dark thick lines that show the outside edges of an object.

Construction Lines

Light lines that are drawn to help place other lines on a drawing. They eventually get erased.

Hidden Lines

Dashed lines that show parts of an object that cannot be seen from the current viewing angle. Hidden lines exist to show engineers and manufactures that there are features on an object that exist but can’t be shown through another means at the current angle.

How to link Google Slides to other slides

Something that I have found myself needing to do from time to time is to link a slide in a Google Slide presentation to another slide. During our Back to School Night I wanted to make a single presentation, since most of the info is the same, but be able to switch from class to class seamlessly. Linking slides to other slides was the way I decided to tackle the problem. Below is a video on how to do it.

Resetting watched list on Amazon Video

I often rewatch TV shows much to my wife’s annoyance. And on of the things that bugs me about Amazon Video is that it doesn’t do a very good job of remembering what you watched last if you are going through a show again. I looked over several blogs and Amazon support pages and there isn’t a setting that allows you to reset what you have watched.

I read about a few different “solutions” and some worked better than others. In the video above I show and describe the solution that worked best and quickest for me.

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