How to add more fonts to Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, etc

With the last year being largely online can creating more Google-based documents than ever before, I have found a need to make my Google-based items more readable and have a bit more “design” put in them. Typically, I use the standard fonts, preset formatting options, and colors and go from there. It makes creating items quick and easy as I don’t have to think about a lot.

The problem is that these documents can often be hard to read, don’t look that great, and don’t show the care and thought that I put into the assignments I give to my students. My main goal isn’t to make things “pretty” but to make them look thoughtful and drastically increase readability. I will talk about readability and fonts in more detail in the future, but I have found that ebooks that allow me to select my own fonts, line spacing, and margins have DRASTICALLY increased my reading speed, retention, and overall enjoyment of reading.

Luckily, Google makes it pretty easy to find and add new fonts.

It’s this easy

Let’s break it down

Step 1

Click on the fonts area and then “More fonts”

Step 2

In the pop-up that shows, scroll through and select the font that you want. There are sorting options and a search at the top as well as fonts that you currently have on the right.

Step 3

Click on the font that you wish to add and you will see it added to the “My fonts” area on the right.

Step 4

When you return to your doc, sheet, slide, etc you will not see that font that you selected in the list.







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