Resetting watched list on Amazon Video

I often rewatch TV shows much to my wife’s annoyance. And on of the things that bugs me about Amazon Video is that it doesn’t do a very good job of remembering what you watched last if you are going through a show again. I looked over several blogs and Amazon support pages and there isn’t a setting that allows you to reset what you have watched.

I read about a few different “solutions” and some worked better than others. In the video above I show and describe the solution that worked best and quickest for me.





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  1. Net5 Avatar

    On the Amazon prime videos app. How to mark previously watched episodes as unwatched. By Net5

    For one episode: press and hold the play button and a pop up menu will give you the option to mark it as unwatched.

    For an entire season: at the top is a button that reads continue watching episode six. Press and hold the continue watching button and a pop-up menu will give you the option to mark it as unwatched.

    1. Nathan Nagele Avatar

      I don’t believe that this works in a browser but it may work on a mobile device. I’ll have to check it out and let you know how it goes.

    2. Vip Avatar

      Thanks! This worked perfectly.

    3. Joseph Kaufman Avatar

      Worked great! For me, I used the iOS app on my iPhone, and holding the “Resume”, “Rewatch” or “Continue” button (on any episode of a season) let me mark the season as unwatched. Now I don’t have to have my wife close her eyes so she doesn’t see a meaningful description of later episodes when queuing up the REAL next episode!

    4. Central City Flash Founder Avatar

      Net5’s method does not work on the Amazon Prime Video app on Android.

    5. Nancy Drew Avatar
      Nancy Drew

      Here we are 6 years later and Amazon still only allows crApple users to reset a show to unwatched. You can’t even do it on Amazon’s own devices. C’mon Amazon, stop sucking already!!!

  2. Steve Chirico Avatar
    Steve Chirico

    Your next episode suggestion worked perfectly, thanks!

    1. Nathan Nagele Avatar

      I’m glad that I could help!

  3. starkiller Avatar

    It’s not working. I went through 5 seasons, clicking next episode and then I pulled up the series on Amazon Fire and it said season 5, ep 22

    1. Nathan Nagele Avatar

      Trying doing it through a browser and see if it works. Sometimes the Fire devices take a little while to catch up based on my experience.

  4. Jennifer Gitlitz Avatar
    Jennifer Gitlitz

    Nathan’s solution did not work for me (Chrome, Mac OSX). I finally was able to re-watch an episode by going to Amazon Prime Video Settings, clicking Playback, and then turning OFF autoplay. That lets you rewatch.

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