Resetting watched list on Amazon Video

I often rewatch TV shows much to my wife’s annoyance. And on of the things that bugs me about Amazon Video is that it doesn’t do a very good job of remembering what you watched last if you are going through a show again. I looked over several blogs and Amazon support pages and there isn’t a setting that allows you to reset what you have watched.

I read about a few different “solutions” and some worked better than others. In the video above I show and describe the solution that worked best and quickest for me.

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  1. Solution!!
    On the Amazon prime videos app. How to mark previously watched episodes as unwatched. By Net5

    For one episode: press and hold the play button and a pop up menu will give you the option to mark it as unwatched.

    For an entire season: at the top is a button that reads continue watching episode six. Press and hold the continue watching button and a pop-up menu will give you the option to mark it as unwatched.

    1. Worked great! For me, I used the iOS app on my iPhone, and holding the “Resume”, “Rewatch” or “Continue” button (on any episode of a season) let me mark the season as unwatched. Now I don’t have to have my wife close her eyes so she doesn’t see a meaningful description of later episodes when queuing up the REAL next episode!

  2. It’s not working. I went through 5 seasons, clicking next episode and then I pulled up the series on Amazon Fire and it said season 5, ep 22

  3. Nathan’s solution did not work for me (Chrome, Mac OSX). I finally was able to re-watch an episode by going to Amazon Prime Video Settings, clicking Playback, and then turning OFF autoplay. That lets you rewatch.

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