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  • The Year of Production

    The Year of Production

    I’m an avid listener of podcasts (and I even make one with my wife) and one of my favorite shows, Cortex, had its annual Yearly Themes episode. I’ve always enjoyed these episodes in particular because I like hearing about how different people work and what drives their focus. Both of the hosts are self-employed and…

  • Resetting watched list on Amazon Video

    Resetting watched list on Amazon Video

    I often rewatch TV shows much to my wife’s annoyance. And on of the things that bugs me about Amazon Video is that it doesn’t do a very good job of remembering what you watched last if you are going through a show again. I looked over several blogs and Amazon support pages and there…

  • Vlog #2 School’s back

    A shorter video than last Monday’s video, but as every teacher knows, the first week of school is crazy busy.

  • Vlog #1 Pre-service week

    I decided that I wanted to do a weekly reflection on school and my life this year. So every Monday for the rest of the school year I will post a video to my YouTube Channel that covers what happened during the week. This really is just a fun little project for me to grow…