Using the Elgato Stream Deck with Camtasia

I’ve been a Camtasia user for roughly a decade now. It’s my favorite video editor because it combines the two things I do, screen recordings and talking head video, into an easy-to-use package. As the software has gotten more powerful, there are ever-more keyboard shortcuts to learn. I know a lot of them, but the ones that I use most commonly I find difficult to remember properly for some reason. When Amazon had a sale on the Elgato Stream Deck I jumped at the chance.

The Steam Deck is basically a 15-button shortcut machine. You can make each button to a particular function. For me, I use it for keyboard shortcuts in Camtasia. What’s really cool, is you can add as many shortcuts as you need and have them be specific to a program. Many streamers use it to switch views in their OBS recordings or to key certain actions. I use it to make my video editing faster.

To use the Stream Deck, you need to download the software. Inside the software you can set the shortcuts, actions, and more along with giving each item a particular icon and text.

This is what my basic setup looks like. I have a lot of open spaces because I’m still exploring ways to use it even more. I really love using this in combination with my MX Master mouse, which I can also map shortcuts to. I have noticed a drastic increase in my editing speed with these two additional tools. Eventually, I will go back and map the rest of the keys to items and customize the icons, but I haven’t found that necessary yet.






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