Searching for the best Canvas homepage design

My district started to move over the Canvas LMS last year and we are really embracing it this year. I really like the LMS overall, it has power, customization, and flexibility on how to do almost anything that you could want. As part of that flexibility and customization, you can set your course’s homepage to… Continue reading Searching for the best Canvas homepage design

The Year of Production

I’m an avid listener of podcasts (and I even make one with my wife) and one of my favorite shows, Cortex, had its annual Yearly Themes episode. I’ve always enjoyed these episodes in particular because I like hearing about how different people work and what drives their focus. Both of the hosts are self-employed and… Continue reading The Year of Production

Camtasia 2018 Upgrades

I’ve been a big fan of Camtasia for several years now. I even teach three online courses on it. They recently released a new version that has a few bells and whistles beyond the previous versions. You can see all of the updates here, but I’m going to focus on some of the ones that… Continue reading Camtasia 2018 Upgrades

How I am in two places at once

I’m attending the annual PETE&C conference right now, as I have for the past seven years. Professionally, I love getting to gather with like-minded teachers and admin and exchanging ideas and learning new things, but I also hate leaving my kids. I also hate to think what my 5 classes of 6-8th graders are up… Continue reading How I am in two places at once

How to organize your Google Drive as a teacher

I’ve been using Google in the classroom for about four years now and I constantly find myself helping other teachers in my building with all of the different pieces of Google in education. One of the things that comes up the most often is organization. By default, I don’t think Google does a great job… Continue reading How to organize your Google Drive as a teacher