JuiceBox Pro 40 EV Charger Review

With our recent upgrade to solar, we also wanted to get a Level 2 charger for the house. The same people who installed our solar panels, put in our charger as there is a fair bit of electrical work to do for each.

Before getting the charger I did a ton of research on which had the most bang for the buck. Most chargers start around $600 or so and have a pretty standard feature set. The following were things we considered when looking at chargers:

  • Maximum amperage
  • Wifi and/or app
  • Cord length

After looking over the dozens of options we settled on a JuiceBox Pro 40 from eMotorWerks. It can supply 40 amps of power, has built in wifi and app that allow you to see real-time energy usage, charging state, and a few other features. It also has an option for time of day restrictions so that I could basically turn the charger off when I’m not home. It also has a cord long enough to reach the car if it is parked in the second spot. None of the other chargers I looked at had all of these features.

It’s not a pretty charger by any means, but if I purchased a Nissan Leaf, I’m clearly not super worried about looks.





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