Dremel 3D Idea Builder Stuck Filament Fix

I’ve been lucky enough to have a 3D printer in my classroom for the better part of the past five years. I’ve printed countless items that my students have created and my machine has been rock solid. When we originally purchased my printer, I wanted something different, but I’m very happy with the printer. Over… Continue reading Dremel 3D Idea Builder Stuck Filament Fix

The Year of Production

I’m an avid listener of podcasts (and I even make one with my wife) and one of my favorite shows, Cortex, had its annual Yearly Themes episode. I’ve always enjoyed these episodes in particular because I like hearing about how different people work and what drives their focus. Both of the hosts are self-employed and… Continue reading The Year of Production

Flipped Classroom: Week #1 Reflection

As I journey into my experiment in a flipped classroom, I thought it appropriate to reflect on what I have learned, discovered, and been challenged with over the course of a week. I hope to keep these updates weekly, but I know what some of the projects my students will be working on will require… Continue reading Flipped Classroom: Week #1 Reflection

I’m Going to Flip My Classroom

I’m at a point in my teaching career where I feel that I need to change. I’ve taught the same classes for four years now and I want to challenge myself to do something new. The upcoming school year is presenting me with a few opportunities that should allow me to challenge myself and make… Continue reading I’m Going to Flip My Classroom

How to Rotate Text in Google Sheets

Did you know that Google Sheets allows you to rotate text to better format your spreadsheets for viewing or print? It’s an option that I occasionally find myself using, especially when trying to save horizontal┬áspace. There are two ways to rotate text inside of Google Sheets Format Menu Simply go to the Format menu and… Continue reading How to Rotate Text in Google Sheets

Camtasia 2018 Upgrades

I’ve been a big fan of Camtasia for several years now. I even teach three online courses on it. They recently released a new version that has a few bells and whistles beyond the previous versions. You can see all of the updates here, but I’m going to focus on some of the ones that… Continue reading Camtasia 2018 Upgrades