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  • How to download Netflix moves to your iOS device

    Netflix just announced that they are allowing user to download videos to their devices for offline viewing. My wife and I are planning on taking an overseas trip next year and this is welcomed news for the flight. In the video below I show you how to download videos directly to your iOS device. NOTE:…

  • How to Fix Unwanted iOS Calendar Invites

    I’ve been getting a ton of unwanted iOS Calendar invites recently and I wanted to take care of the problem. In the video above I show you how to easily categorize and deleted invites quickly.

  • Kindle iOS Page Numbers

    Kindle iOS Page Numbers

    I’m a huge fan of eBooks for a number of reasons (probably deserving of its own post) but there are a few things that make it difficult. The biggest thing that I miss from traditional books is having a real sense of where I am at in a book. Kindle is great at showing the…