Teaching Electronics with Minecraft: Part 1

I’ve gotten tired of teaching electronics the way that I learned it. Typically you begin somewhere around Ohm’s Law and build up the paper and pencil work until you get to work on actual circuits. Once you are there you can test and see if the stuff you spent the last few weeks learning about actually works or not.

This is probably a decent approach for later high school or college students, but for my middle school students, they see it as one thing; math. For whatever reason, math, not matter how simple, gets a bad rap. As soon as I start talking numbers, I lose them.

So this year I decided to go a different route. Instead of starting with the numbers, I am going to start with raw theory. But around that theory, I want to build an experience for my students. Something that they can see and remember. To do this, I am using Minecraft. In the video above I discuss a few of the basic things I am starting out with to give my students a real experience in electronics. I have lots of plans on how to add things in the near future to help connect the theory to the math and action down the road.





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