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  • 3 Basic Types of Drafting Lines

    3 Basic Types of Drafting Lines

    When you begin to learn drafting, you have to learn about the different types of lines. Line types are extremely important because they are used to communicate different ideas about an object. In the video below we review the three basic types of lines that are necessary to understand when you are beginning to learn…

  • Transferring Ideas Through Graphic Communication

    Transferring Ideas Through Graphic Communication

    Graphic communication is something that happens every day without us even realizing it. In the video above we look at graphic communication and how humans have used symbols and other image-based items for thousands of years to transfer their thoughts and feelings to others.

  • 60 hour use Dremel Idea Builder

    My school was lucky enough to find the funds to purchase a 3D printer for my classroom. I’ve been hoping to get a printer for the past several years and the time has finally come. We’ve had the printer for the past few months and we have done a few dozen prints on it.

  • Teaching Electronics with Minecraft: Part 1

    I’ve gotten tired of teaching electronics the way that I learned it. Typically you begin somewhere around Ohm’s Law and build up the paper and pencil work until you get to work on actual circuits. Once you are there you can test and see if the stuff you spent the last few weeks learning about…

  • Beginning with MinecraftEdu

    Beginning with MinecraftEdu

    I’m a pretty lucky Tech Ed teacher in that I have a lot of tools available to me. My classroom is a large computer lab that has plenty of room for my 36 computers and space for soldering irons, drills, and all of the projects that my students make. My school recently allowed me to…