3 Point Perspective Drawing

As mentioned with one and two point perspective drawings, perspective drawing can be challenging. The most challenging of all of these is the 3 point perspective drawing. In the video below I walk through the steps to successful create a three point perspective drawing.

A few things to remember about three point perspective drawings:

  • Width lines go back to the left vanishing point
  • Height lines go to the bottom (or top) vanishing point
  • Depth lines go to the right vanishing point

2 Point Perspective Drawing

As with one point perspective drawing, 2 point can be difficult to understand and create. The measurements get even less sure on a two point perspective drawing and, depending on your accuracy, the final view can look very different from the original.

A few things to remember when creating a two point perspective drawing:

  • Width is shown by lines going towards the left vanishing point
  • Height is shown by vertical lines
  • Depth is shown by lines going towards the right vanishing point

1 Point Perspective Drawing

Perspective drawing can be one of the more difficult things to do in drafting. It’s tough because, unlike some other pictorial drawings, you do not have actual measurements to go draw with everything. In perspective drawing, there is some guess work. In the video below, I describe how to create a 1 point perspective drawing.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Width lines are represented by horizontal lines
  • Height lines are vertical lines
  • Depth lines go back to the vanishing point
  • Front view is exactly the same in a 1 point perspective drawing

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