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  • Developing attractiveness in questing

    This post is part of my training in the Rezzly platform and mindset to be used a gamified class. After going through many of the quests (26 to be exact) and getting a better understanding of gamification and how to use it with Rezzly I have a few thoughts on how I should structure my…

  • Quest attactiveness

    This post is in response to a quest that I am taking on Rezzly as part of a training session on how to use the platform and understand the mindset to use it properly. Attractive Quest Design from Lisa Dawley, Ph.D.

  • Rezzly Teacher Badge

    Rezzly Teacher Badge

    I’ve been looking for more ways to engage my students recently. Google Classroom is a great tool that is useful for lots of things, even if it has a few issues, but it isn’t engaging. When I was in my masters program at Boise State I took a class in educational games and simulations. The…