Budget Couple Podcast

I’m a huge podcast advocate. I’ve listened to them for over a decade at this point and I actually co-hosted a roller coaster based podcast when I was in college. At its height, we were getting about 500 downloads a week.

Well, the podcast creating bug hit again a few months ago and my wife and I created the Budget Couple Podcast. In the podcast, we talk about personal finance and how we handle money as a couple. We are 15 episodes deep at this point and our download numbers are starting to grow nicely.

The basic idea behind the podcast was that there are a lot of places to learn about money and such, but there were not a lot of resources were focused on couples. When we got married we found that our finances and how we handled money drastically changed. We were able to figure it out and we wanted to share that with other people.

Our plan was to talk about our own finances for a bit and then open it up to other voices and address their concerns and such. We wanted to give the podcast a year test run with an episode every two weeks. So far we have kept to plan and we are preparing to have our first few shows with other voices.

If you enjoy podcasts (and why wouldn’t you) and are interested in personal finance, please take a look at our podcast and let us know what you think.





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