5 Steps to Setting Up a New Mac

I recently was able to purchase a new Mac so that I can work on things on the go a little easier. My “at home” Mac is a Late 2012 Mac Mini and my new “on-the-go” Mac is a Early 2015 MacBook Pro. I know that the MBP line is about to get refreshed (maybe?) with new chips and such in March, but I had a need for a laptop now.

Whenever I get a new computer, Mac, Microsoft, or Chromebook, I got through a little bit of a customization process. A friend of mine got a new Mac shortly after I got mine and wanted to know how I set my computer up. The video below goes through a few things that I do to setup my computer to maximize its uses for me.

New Years Resolutions: Backup Everything

2015 was an exciting year in my house. My family grew by two (a dog and a baby) and I had a lot of new professional opportunities. As I build and capture memories I realized that I didn’t have a solid backup plan in place. This realization hit me when I was doing some upgrades to my computer.

I do everything my from late 2012 Mac Mini (which is a little beast) and I recently put a SSD into it to help speed it up a bunch more. When I installed my new hard drive I was left thinking about what I could do with the old hard drive. I had two real options:

  1. Use it for Time Machine backups
  2. Use it for file storage (the new hard drive is half the size of the old drive)


Kindle iOS Page Numbers

I’m a huge fan of eBooks for a number of reasons (probably deserving of its own post) but there are a few things that make it difficult. The biggest thing that I miss from traditional books is having a real sense of where I am at in a book. Kindle is great at showing the percentage of where you are at in a book but that doesn’t always translate well. For instance 17% of the way through a 356 page book doesn’t mean a lot to me right away.

The Kindle app in iOS has a number of different ways that you can get a better sense of where you are at. In the video below I explain how to cycle through the four options; real page number, time left in book, time left in chapter, and blank. (more…)

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