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  • Resetting watched list on Amazon Video

    Resetting watched list on Amazon Video

    I often rewatch TV shows much to my wife’s annoyance. And on of the things that bugs me about Amazon Video is that it doesn’t do a very good job of remembering what you watched last if you are going through a show again. I looked over several blogs and Amazon support pages and there […]

  • How to disable Google Hangouts on Menu Bar on OS X

    Ever since OS X Yosemite (10.10) came out Mac users have had the option to enable a dark mode. Dark mode doesn’t do too much, but it does change the menu bar at the top of screen from a bright gray to a much darker gray. More simply, it inverts the colors so that the […]

  • 5 Steps to Setting Up a New Mac

    I recently was able to purchase a new Mac so that I can work on things on the go a little easier. My “at home” Mac is a Late 2012 Mac Mini and my new “on-the-go” Mac is a Early 2015 MacBook Pro. I know that the MBP line is about to get refreshed (maybe?) […]

  • New Years Resolutions: Backup Everything

    New Years Resolutions: Backup Everything

    2015 was an exciting year in my house. My family grew by two (a dog and a baby) and I had a lot of new professional opportunities. As I build and capture memories I realized that I didn’t have a solid backup plan in place. This realization hit me when I was doing some upgrades to […]

  • Kindle iOS Page Numbers

    Kindle iOS Page Numbers

    I’m a huge fan of eBooks for a number of reasons (probably deserving of its own post) but there are a few things that make it difficult. The biggest thing that I miss from traditional books is having a real sense of where I am at in a book. Kindle is great at showing the […]