60 hour use Dremel Idea Builder

My school was lucky enough to find the funds to purchase a 3D printer for my classroom. I’ve been hoping to get a printer for the past several years and the time has finally come. We’ve had the printer for the past few months and we have done a few dozen prints on it.

In the video above I go over a brief review of the printer and the pluses and minuses of the printer. Below is brief breakdown of what I have found so far.



  • Easy and quick setup
  • Simple leveling
  • High quality prints
  • Quiet (useful for printing while teaching)


  • Software has no manual and has some quirks
  • Must use propriety software for prints, which means that you can’t use popular open sourced software
  • Software does not have inbuilt build support (for overhangs and such)
  • Only prints PLA
  • Propriety filament and spool. Using less expensive filament voids your warranty.

Other Notes

I am in love with the printer. The Dremel Idea Builder is built solidly and is a breeze to use. While there are minor (in my opinion unnecessary) quirks, the printer fits in perfectly with what my students need. I wish it had a few more bells and whistles, like a heated bed, but I can’t complain about the overall printer.





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