How to Import and Export Bookmarks in Chrome

One of our front office people at my school will be retiring in a few weeks and she wants to give the new person taking her spot all of the bookmarks that she has saved and organized over the past two decades of working at the school. She has the bookmarks finely tuned in a way that allows her to quickly and easily find and use the information that she has stored.

Luckily inside of Google Chrome there is a quick and easy way to export your bookmarks and then import them. This is useful if you want to share your bookmarks with someone or if you want to set up a new computer but use a different email address as your browser default. I’ve also used this when moving from school district to district.

Step 1: Open Bookmark Manager

There are several different ways to get to your Bookmark Manager window in Chrome but the one I am going to show is from the “more” menu on the top right of the browser. From there go to Bookmarks and then Bookmark Manager.

Step 2: Go to the More Menu

A new page will open and on the top right of the page you will see a “more” menu (three vertical dots). Open it.

Step 4: Go to Export Bookmarks

From there all you need to do is go to Export bookmarks.

Once you select “Export bookmarks”a window will pop open asking where you would like to save the bookmarks. It will export as an HTML page. Save it in a location where you know. Once saved it can be uploaded and shared via Google Drive, email, etc.

Final Steps

The last thing that you need to do is to send the file to the person you want to give the bookmarks to and have them import the bookmarks. They are going to repeat steps 1-3 but instead of click on “Export bookmarks” they will select “Import bookmarks.”

At that point, a new window will open and it will ask them to locate the HTML file. And that’s it, a super fast and easy way to share all of your bookmarks.

Some other uses

Depending on how your school or office is setup this might be a good way to have everyone in your class/team start with a default bookmark list. For instance, if I had a number of websites that my class used consistently, I could bookmark them all, export the bookmarks, and have each student import them. This gives all students the exact same starting point and I as a teacher know that there no reasons why a student cannot get a link to the correct website quickly without loading something else like Google Classroom.





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