How to Rotate Text in Google Sheets

Did you know that Google Sheets allows you to rotate text to better format your spreadsheets for viewing or print? It’s an option that I occasionally find myself using, especially when trying to save horizontal space. There are two ways to rotate text inside of Google Sheets

Format Menu

Simply go to the Format menu and down to Text rotation. From there you will be given a number of options of how to rotate your text. Note: Cells will automatically resize to fit the rotated font.


Your other (quicker) option is to use the toolbar. Start by finding the text rotation icon and click. You will be given a number of options with displays on how to rotate your font.

As you can see from the image above, there is no guessing about how your text will look after you apply the rotation. The arrows and example “A” show you exactly what your text will look like when you rotate it.

How it Looks

Here’s an example of how your text can look after applying rotation to it.





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