Vlog #1 Pre-service week

I decided that I wanted to do a weekly reflection on school and my life this year. So every Monday for the rest of the school year I will post a video to my YouTube Channel that covers what happened during the week. This really is just a fun little project for me to grow on my reflection skills as well as play with creative video production and editing.

That’s not a computer

As the semesters switched last week I gained a new group of students and I played an ice breaker game that I use to gauge where they are at on their knowledge of technology. The ice breaker in question I call the “ABC’s of Technology.” The idea is that students write down all of the letters of the alphabet and then are given 3-5 minutes to write a piece of technology that starts with each letter.

I use this for two reasons. 1. It gives me an understanding of what students think technology is and 2. lets me get an idea of what technology they have been exposed to. I usually let the students have a few months to discuss their ideas before beginning the time. I received a question that flabbergasted me but also aligned with a troubling trend that I have seen from my students. The question, “what’s that black box under your computer?” (more…)

The joy of creation

Being a tech ed teacher gives me a slightly different perspective on how students spend their day. When surveying my students via Google Forms I ask them about things that I am doing and what I can do better. Teacher evaluations are one thing, but student evaluations are so valuable to me.

One of the themes that consistently emerges from my surveys is that students like that they get to design, build, and test their ideas. When I was a student teacher one of my co-op teachers told me, “always give them something to take home.” There is a certain power to having an idea and actually making it. It feels primal and necessary. (more…)

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