House of #EdTech Interview

A few months ago I had the opportunity to be interview on one of my favorite podcast, The House of #EdTech. I’ve listened this Chris Nesi and his podcast for a few years now and I believe I was one of the first reviews written on iTunes for it.

I’ve talked with Chris on and off again for awhile now about topics related to his show and when he put a call out on this FaceBook page for show ideas, I took a stab at it. Chris was nice enough to invite me onto the show and interview me about the ways I use video to teach my students when I am not in the classroom.

You can listen to the full interview here (or in the player above). And if you are not subscribed to the show, do it. It is a valuable resource for any teacher out there. I’ll do a more in-depth post on how I use video to ensure that I am never out of the classroom but this podcast is a good primer for the process and reasoning that I follow.

Below is a PDF that I created that goes over the four basic steps for teaching when you are not in the classroom or as I like to call it, Be Your Own Substitute Teacher.

Quick-start to teaching while you are out of the classroom






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