How to create an animated GIF in Camtasia

One of my favorite parts about Camtasia is its flexibility and ability to create exactly what I need. As a teacher, I like to make a lot of instructional tools for my students. I often create videos and capture my screen to teach various concepts.

Ever since GIFs have been enabled in Google Docs, I find myself creating a lot of animated GIFs to show students how to do things. This allows them to focus on the message instead of having to watch and listen to me. It also gives bite-sized info since only so much can be shown in a GIF. I find that documenting a process through a series of GIFs embedded in a Google Doc is more effective than capturing a whole video that walks them through the same process.

In the video above I review the process of making an animated GIF inside of Camtasia. There are several different settings which control the file size, screen size, and quality of the GIF; all of which are important to understand to get the best product possible.






2 responses to “How to create an animated GIF in Camtasia”

  1. Kat Avatar

    Thanks for the video! Have you had issues inserting GIFs into Google Sldies that are exported from Camtasia? When I insert the GIF onto a Slide, I can see it, but the person I share the Slides presentation with can’t. Any ideas what’s happening with it in Camtasia?

    1. Nathan Nagele Avatar

      I have not had any issues with that. My only guess would be that the file size is too big.

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