Quiz Point Values in Google Forms

I’m a huge fan of Google and what they provide in the education field. I often use Google Forms to give tests/quizzes for my students but grading them has always been a little tricky. In the past, I have used addons like Flubaroo, which I still use from time to time, but is often slower than I want it to be. Google has recently updated Google Forms to include quizzing and automatic grading right in the form itself with nothing additional needed.

The only problem that I have run into is that you need to change the point value of each question every time because the default point value is 0. Luckily, Google provided a way to change this and to set a different default point value.

Step 1: Go to the More menu

Step 2: Go to Preferences

Step 3: Change your Default Point Value and Save

That’s it, you are done. Now any future forms you make and enable quizzes on will have a default point value of 1 or whatever else you put there.

A Word of Caution

One quick word of caution, if you have a place for students to put their name, period, or anything else that isn’t a graded question, you do need to go back to that particular question and lower the point value to 0. Otherwise, students will not get credit for answering that question correctly.





4 responses to “Quiz Point Values in Google Forms”

  1. Chantal Bergeron Avatar
    Chantal Bergeron

    how can i set .5 point instead of 1 point???

  2. Don Witsell Avatar
    Don Witsell

    Hello. I am giving a test with 79 questions. The test will be worth 100 points. So each question will be worth 1.265 points. Can I use this as a point value on Forms? Thank you!

    1. Nathan Nagele Avatar

      I believe that you are able to. You might want to do a small trial run just to double-check though.

    2. D M Avatar
      D M

      I don’t think you can. To solve this I would just give 1 free question that’s worth 1 point.

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