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Quiz Point Values in Google Forms

I’m a huge fan of Google and what they provide in the education field. I often use Google Forms to give tests/quizzes for my students but grading them has always been a little tricky. In the past, I have used addons like Flubaroo, which I still use from time to time, but is often slower than I want it to be. Google has recently updated Google Forms to include quizzing and automatic grading right in the form itself with nothing additional needed.

The only problem that I have run into is that you need to change the point value of each question every time because the default point value is 0. Luckily, Google provided a way to change this and to set a different default point value.

Step 1: Go to the More menu

Step 2: Go to Preferences

Step 3: Change your Default Point Value and Save

That’s it, you are done. Now any future forms you make and enable quizzes on will have a default point value of 1 or whatever else you put there.

A Word of Caution

One quick word of caution, if you have a place for students to put their name, period, or anything else that isn’t a graded question, you do need to go back to that particular question and lower the point value to 0. Otherwise, students will not get credit for answering that question correctly.

Nathan Nagele

I'm a husband, father, and technology education teacher. I have a passion for creating videos and instructional materials that help students highly achieve.

3 thoughts to “Quiz Point Values in Google Forms”

  1. Hello. I am giving a test with 79 questions. The test will be worth 100 points. So each question will be worth 1.265 points. Can I use this as a point value on Forms? Thank you!

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