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Quest attactiveness

This post is in response to a quest that I am taking on Rezzly as part of a training session on how to use the platform and understand the mindset to use it properly.

When I think of quest attractiveness I think of a student’s desire to open the quest and complete it. With my population of students I find that two things need to happen for them to really be engaged. One, it must be relevant to their life in a real and meaningful way. Two, that major obstacles to learning are not given right away, but that the learning is scaffolded in such a way that the progression of learning seems natural. To me, building an attractive quest for my students really requires that there are achievable goals given that are both meaningful and necessary.

Nathan Nagele

I'm a husband, father, and technology education teacher. I have a passion for creating videos and instructional materials that help students highly achieve.

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